How Often Should I Flip My Mattress?

Flip My MattressWhen I flip my mattress it makes it more comfortable and reduces the chances of being affected by back pain. Doing this frequently will also make it last longer and is particularly useful with expensive king-size mattresses. In fact, regular flipping will make mattresses last up to seven years longer.

When Should I Flip My Mattress?

The best time to flip your mattress should be once every week. An easy way to remember to flip your mattress is to simply do it every time you do a weekly change of your bed sheets. If this is too much for you then you might instead flip it on a monthly basis. Although monthly flipping will not give the best results, it is still better than not flipping the mattress at all.

Reasons for Flipping

Mattresses that are never flipped will eventually develop permanent sagging. This usually develops after continuous use which does not give the springs enough time to rebound.

By flipping the mattress you will apply your weight more evenly on it without too much weight on one particular sleep zone. This will allow the areas that have light sagging to recover while your weight is applied on another area. The light sagging is not easily seen, but it will soon become visible with continuous use.

Flipping is especially useful with mattresses used by couples. The weight of two people is usually concentrated in the mid-section. In this case it is important to flip the mattress as well as spin it.

How to Flip a Mattress

Flipping heavy and over-sized mattresses requires a bit of planning and some extra help from someone else. This seemingly simple task can cause some injuries particularly on your back. Therefore, you should always do it cautiously or get someone else to do it, in case you don’t feel up to the task.

Here are some steps to take in flipping a king-size mattress:

1. Make sure to move all types of furniture before starting. This will ensure that you do not accidentally bump into any obstacles.
2. Remove all covers and bedding from the top.
3. Vacuum the top-side before flipping it.
4. If the mattress has handles on its sides, you can conveniently grasp onto these handles on one side, while your helper grasps the handles on the opposite side.
5. Pull it halfway off of the spring box, then push it up until it stands on one side.
6. Making sure to hold it up firmly, slowly lower it with the former bottom-side facing up.
7. Finally position it and vacuum the top side. You can then place clean blankets and sheets on top.

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