Waterbed Mattress — Improved Health & Sleep

Waterbed Mattresses in Lenexa

Waterbeds offer a variety of benefits to a sleeper looking for a special mattress. Mattress Warehouse carries waterbeds and everything you need for your new sleep system. Your waterbed mattress can improve your health, is budget-friendly and most important? It is really, really comfortable.

Waterbeds for Better Health

A waterbed mattress is an alternative to traditional mattresses. The major difference is that the waterbed mattress contains a water chamber as the main source of support and comfort.

A waterbed mattress is helpful for some health concerns. Because the bed conforms to the shape of the body, pressure is minimized. This helps people experiencing pressure and pain around the joints. Because the bed is designed to protect the water chamber, skin particles and dirt can not penetrate the waterbed mattress. This lets owners clean the mattress more often, preventing buildup of dust mites that trigger allergies and asthma. Cleaning your bed often can keep these conditions from flaring. You’ll rest easy with your new sleep system.

Selection at Mattress Warehouse

Mattress Warehouse is your local Kansas City waterbed store. We carry waterbeds for every need. Our team can answer your questions about waterbeds. Trust our team to help you decide if a waterbed mattress is right for your sleeping habits, health conditions and living space. When you need something for your bed, turn to Mattress Warehouse.

Check out our selection of sleep systems and call us today to learn more about our waterbed mattress products:

  • Softside
  • Hardside
  • liners
  • heaters
  • replacement mattresses
  • patch kits
  • fill and drain kits
  • cap and seal plugs
  • more parts and supplies
  • waterbed sheets

Don’t miss another out on another night of comfortable sleep! Call Mattress Warehouse at (913) 562-0308 to purchase your waterbed mattress or accessories today!